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LEATHER // July 22nd 2019

May 24, 2019
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Club Freak presents LEATHER :: with stunning dark fashion by local designer HOODED WEPT, Go Go Dancers, Team Freak and much more. At the legendary Devilles Nightclub location – now Badlands Bar!


Buy early to save on price and avoid missing out – we sell out frequently


B.D.S.M.101 Start Time: 7:30pm @ Side Entry | Main Doors Open: 8:30pm

DEDICATED PRIVATE ENTRY AT LEFT SIDE OF THE BUIDING!! To keep our patrons safe and ensure your privacy we have opened the entrance in the alley behind the building for direct access into the event. Please make your way to the rear of the building by walking past the main driveway and continuing to the walkway behind the building.

Club Freak is an alternative lifestyle night and by that we mean it’s a pansexual, kink-friendly, freak friendly social club. Perth’s top alternative DJ’s, Special Guests and Hosts, Monitored play space, massive sponsor freebies, Priority Seating section for those with medical conditions and stacks more.


L E A T H E R FRIDAY 19th JULY 2019

Leathersex, Leather Daddys and boys, Leather Dominas and corests, catsuits, jackets, gloves, vests … oh hell yes!

Dress in your best leather outfit and let your inner leathersex come out to play. Nothing is hotter than the warm feeling of the supple softness and rigid control that leather gives you.

The smell of the polish and hide mingling with musk and heat from your body – it’s pure pheremone heaven for the intitiated!

Chrome and studs, straps and buckles, the creak of the leather as it groans and moves with you becoming your second skin – your armour against the mundane deadening of everyday life.

Let’s get it on!

Badlands is the inheritor of the Devilles Nightclub Legacy and is the perfect Underground venue for Club Freak. Volcanic cave decor reminds you of being in hell, or the depths of debauchery while the updated ammenities, stage and killer sound system will deliver an unforgettable experience unlike anything we have delivered before.



DJ Jessica Kill – Sin Club, Hexx, Spank 
DJ Liam – Sin Club, Dominion 
DJ Asciimov – Sin Club, Dominion, Club Freak

You can expect the maestros to create an incredible atmosphere as the night progresses through it’s journey. From the depths of deep, dark electro to upbeat EBM and dance beats, and sliding back into 80’s retro and synthetic vibes.


We are changing the VIP booth areas into Priority Seating for patrons that need to know they have somewhere to sit as they can’t be on their feet for extended hours. Tickets for priority seating will be the same price but patrons are urged to not purchase them unless they honestly need them to allow for those that actually have physical requirements to sit down.

Hopefully this means a more comfortable evening for all and a much better use of those spaces.


We have secured the Beer Garden to the rear of the venue and it is equipped with plenty of seating and tables. It will be secured away from the front beer garden with a visual wall so there wont be any privacy concerns or cross-over from other events or patrons.

We will be playing kinky videos on the main screen and the music will be played through this area at a lower volume so you can relax and unwind after play or just chill out and talk to friends.


We are changing the layout to accomodate more play in more areas for those interested. We are adding a second dungeon and 4 Dominants to the lineup. The second dungeon will be a separate enclosed space called the Back Room.

To prevent crowding and to make sure everyone has equal chance to play we will be releasing play passes online and pre-booking all play slots. You will be able to choose the time and equipment piece you want to use ahead of time, and whether or not you want a Dominant to play with you. We will not have submissives on staff.

This will all mean more people can play at one time, with less crowding and more supervision.

PLEASE NOTE: The play area is monitored and staffed but it is open for anyone to play on the gear and use it, but you MUST check with the DM and the Assistant to book your slot. Do not overstay your time as there will be plenty wanting to have their turn.

MASSIVE THANKS to PLAY & PLEASURE for sponsoring the Toy Bag!!

P4P are our primary play space sponsors and all the toys you will be using as well as the cleaning gear etc are all provided by them as their way of giving to the scene.


If you like what you have used at the party please go and see Stu at Play & Pleasure in Northbridge and take your ticket with you before or after the event and receive a 10% discount off your order. How awesome is that!

Also thanks to Master G for manufacturing our furniture :0 THANK YOU!


If this is your first time (or maybe even your fifth) we recommend ALL newbies attend the B.D.S.M.101. Learn the basics of how to safely play with each other, how to have the best manners in a public play space, and get introduced to the concepts we live by. We will be covering the basics of SSC, RACK, Total Power Exchange and others. Learn how to spot negative behaviour and warning signs you may be in an abusive relationship and NOT a power dynamic.




The first 30 minutes is taken by OTKDaddy and covers everything you need to know to get started in this mad life. With specific focus on how to be a good kink citizen and watch out for safety first, it’s an awesome primer for the night.

The second half will be taken by one of our genuine lifestyle educators, so you can ask any quetions you like and share coming out experiences or simply connect on a personal level. If you are of a similar mind, or want to find out what treatments you might like best make sure not to miss this one.


Our door and security team have been fully briefed to be on the lookout for any sleazy, homophobic, transphobic, kinkphobic, antisocial, or predatory behaviour, which will get you instantly evicted from the event. We are an inclusive, pansexual event and require all our patrons to accept and respect this. Someones kink may not be your kink, but you must respect their right to it.

If you are unsure how to address someone please ask politely how they would prefer to be addressed. It’s a quick question and offends no-one, and shows you are interested and open minded.

Do not touch or grope people unless you have been given their ok to do so. If you’re unsure, simply check – a quick “Would you mind if I…?” is required and you’d be amazed at how empowering it is too. The absence of NO is not a YES! Remember, consent is EXPRESSED not IMPLIED.

// Team Freak, Security, Safety & the Green Lanyards

In order to help patrons feel comfortable we work with the security staff personally to ensure they understand what to look for. They are aware certain D/s play can look confronting, and are briefed on how to politely enquire if consent has been given. Both parties must respond.

Club Freak will ALWAYS assume consent has NOT been given and will act accordingly if necessary.

If you see something amiss or feel uncomfortable or have any concern at all, please approach a Team Freak member with a green lanyard as your first point of call. All Team members are experienced lifestyle players and can render assistance quickly. Where necessary the situation can then be escalated to security intervention if needed. This helps us help you have a better experience, and also helps the security team know when an intervention is urgently required.


A strict full dress code is being enforced. Make the effort to bring your fetish to the events or they will start to suffer in the bad way. You are Club Freak, and the quality of the vibe on the night is up to you.

To reinforce this point here is a reminder:


  • Leather
  • Latex
  • PVC
  • Fetish
  • Cross
  • Drag
  • Furr
  • Black Suit
  • Military
  • Goth/Alt/Retro
  • MINIMUM All Black


  • NO Jeans or Shorts in any colour, not even black.
  • NO Sneakers/Joggers/Workboots/Sandals etc
  • NO T-shirts other than Club Freak
  • NO Street Wear
  • NO Vanilla Club Wear
  • NO Workwear
  • NO Casual or Smart Casual


Please visit the online shop at to see the affordable selection of menswear if you have nothing to wear – black jeans are a no – bondage pants are fine.

Your most important accessory on the night is the right attitude.


No good asking to see OTKDaddy to get you in, the club backs the Door Bitch and her decision is final. Dress to impress her or you will be denied entry, regardless of ticket purchase.


Keep Kinky and Come Get Your Freak On!!

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